Manufacturing Month


Manufacturing Month raises the profile of our industry as highlighted in government (with proclamations and the inclusion of Manufacturing as one of four areas of strategic importance in the BC Jobs Plan) and among job seekers and the public. Once again, CME BC will join forces with our partners – Alliance for Manufacturing in BC, Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade, BC manufacturing companies and educational institutions to organize plant tours, the BC Manufacturers’ Hall of Fame and other events. These serve to showcase the innovative manufacturing that happens in BC.

Extending our Reach
This year we are actively working on events in regions such as Victoria, Nanaimo, Prince George and Kelowna to showcase a diverse group of manufacturers throughout the province of BC.

Goals for Manufacturing Month 2015

  • Heighten the profile of the Manufacturing Sector among government, job seekers, students and the public
  • Increase the awareness of policy makers on the signficant economic contribution and importance of our industry
  • Showcase high-skilled, high-paying career opportunities, especially to youth and immigrants
  • Recognize and celebrate companies and individuals in the industry who have made significant contributions and
    demonstrated leadership and innovation in manufacturing in BC through the first BC Manufacturers’ Hall of Fame.