Industrial Sewing Training Program

FREE Industrial Sewer Training
Free career training course which includes Workplace Communication, Industrial Sewing techniques and Job Readiness. The course is designed to prepare you for an entry level position as an Industrial Sewer in BC's rapidly growing apparel industry.

Consider what apparel manufacturing has to offer!
Manufacturers Need You
BC apparel design and manufacturing companies are reporting a major shortage of industrial sewers. The industry needs to train at least 2,600 Industrial Sewers before 2025 to meet demand for growth and replacement of retiring workers. Industrial sewing is a critical component of BC's premium and performance apparel industry.
Eligibility Are you a Suitable Candidate?
You must be:
  • A Permanent Resident or Canadian citizen
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 4 or equivalency
  • Unemployed and Non-EI Eligible, Employed but Underemployed, or Employed but Low-Skilled
  • Able to commit to 8 weeks of full-time training
Do you:
  • Enjoy working with your hands?
  • Have good finger dexterity?
  • Enjoy problem solving?
What is Learned
Workplace Communication Skills Industrial Machine Safety and Operation Basic Seams and Finishing Product Parts: pockets, zippers and trims Intro to Outwear, Sportswear and Soft Accessories Job Entry Skills
and Assistance
Like to start working in Apparel, but want training first?
Classes starting in February & March
in various Lower Mainland locations
Information and Registration
Call: (604) 900-1980 x2
To Learn More Please Contact
Damon Forster
Senior Program Manager
T: +1 (604) 900-1980 x123
M: +1 (604) 317-3874

Hemjit Sandhu
Program Support
T: +1 (604) 900-1980 x115