Joint Health and Safety Committee & (F.A.S.T) First Aid & Survival Technologies Limited

A Joint Health and Safety Committee supports the employer’s duty to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. It brings together representatives of the employer and the workers to identify and help resolve health and safety issues in the workplace.

If your workplace has 20 or more workers, you are required to establish and maintain a Joint Health & Safety Committee.

New regulations effective April 3, 2017 are included!

What is Learned

Safety Culture

Roles and Responsibility

Administration of a Joint Committee

Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment


Incident Investigations

Joint Committee Effectiveness

Occupational Health & Safety Responsibilities

On April 3, 2017, three new regulations came into effect.

3.26  Mandatory annual evaluation of joint committee effectiveness

3.27   Mandatory minimum training requirements for health and safety committee members and worker health and safety representatives

3.28   Participation in incident investigations by employer and worker representatives

Develop Skills to:

1. Navigate the regulations and facilitate their implementation

2. Promote a proactive safety culture within your organization

3. Recommend actions for improvement

Course Length

One Full Day (8 hours)


Two Half-Days (2 x 4 hours)

Minimum attendes: 6

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Senior Program Manager
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