When we have too much or something, what do we do? Give it away!

The Industrial Sewing Training Program (ISTP) is a free career training course delivered with the purpose of matching participants with manufacturers in BC’s rapidly growing apparel and soft accessories industry. Designed to propel individuals into jobs in the apparel manufacturing industry, our ISTP is tailored to help individuals gain technical sewing skills and general transferable skills in today’s fast-paced workplace.
From a sewing program with hardworking students comes a lot of finished items that are often under-utilized. As the program participants practice and perfect their skills, they complete various projects in their 8 week program, including book bags, aprons, and more. To eliminate waste and give back to the community that support the BC Alliance for Manufacturing, program instructor Paula Kruyer is always thinking of new ways to repurpose the finished products. Often, the program participants make donations to local communities. Most recently, the students completed their assignment on creating aprons. Local Sikh temples, called Gurdwaras, offer free food for anyone interested. The volunteers needed aprons. We have extra aprons. It was a match made in heaven. Paula then visited the local Gurdwara and donated aprons to their volunteers in the food programs.


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