FREE Workplace ESL Training for employees

The Communication for Manufacturing Safety & Productivity Program (CMSP)* delivered by the BC Alliance for Manufacturing (BCAM) is a FREE Workplace Communication course designed to provide our employees with specific language training related to manufacturing. Whatever your ability, you will increase your confidence communicating in the workplace.


You must have not established or been eligible for:

a) An EI claim in the three years prior to the start date of the training; or,

b) A maternity or parental EI claim in the five years prior to the start date of the training.

What is Learned

To give & receive instruction & opinions

Vocabulary for tools, equipment & materials

To understand a speaker’s main point & clarify concerns

Techniques to solve problems & handle conflicts or disagreements

To understand company schedules, charts & Measurements

Cultural differences & Canadian body language

To Learn More Please Contact

Damon Forster
Senior Program Manager
T: +1 (604) 900-1980 x123
M: +1 (604) 317-3874

Ann Buckerfield
Program Coordinator
T: +1 (604) 900-1980 x125