Fall Protection & Confined Space Awareness

In this 8-hour program, students learn about the fundamentals of fall protection and confined space. Four hours are dedicated to fall protection and how to identify and control fall hazards in the workplace. Students are also introduced to different types of required fall protection equipment as well as the techniques used to work at height safely. The remaining four hours of the course will focus on confined space awareness. Students will gain the knowledge required to understand confined spaces so that work can be safely and successfully planned and carried out.

Price: $200/per person

Confined space awareness topics include:

  • Defining a confined space
  • Pertinent statistics
  • Atmospheric hazards
  • Process-related hazards
  • Duties of a supervisor
  • Duties of the entrants
  • Duties of the attendants
  • Troubleshooting

Fall protection topics include:

  • Fall protection fundamentals
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Anchor points
  • Lanyards & energy absorbers
  • Harness types
  • Swing falls
  • Personal arrest systems
  • Fall restraint systems
  • Legislation

To Learn More Please Contact:

Cat Korpela
Manager, Learning & Development
T: +1 (604) 900-1980 x136