Purpose of the Project

Food and Beverage manufacturing and processing is now the largest component of British Columbia’s manufacturing industry. The main goal of the BC Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Processing Sector Labour Market Partnership (SLMP), formed between industry and government, is to address the significant skills shortages faced by food and beverage companies in British Columbia.


Not only is food and beverage consumption essential to human survival, it has also become a defining characteristic of our culture and a key component of our social interaction and entertainment. The sector is also important economically, even more so, now that is has become the largest sector in British Columbia’s diverse manufacturing industry

The sector, like others, is facing some barriers to further growth. Availability of skilled labour remains a major concern and industry players have come together to collaborate on finding solutions to common challenges.

Labour Market Partnerships have five phases and the Food and Beverage project has completed Phase 1 – Sector Engagement.


Benefits for the Sector

Industry and government will collaborate to address employer concerns surrounding skills shortages, training and development gaps, labour cost competitiveness, and overall worker availability and accessibility.

The SLMP will collect data to inform a strategy that addresses the needs of industry.

More information on the current phase can be found  in the document below:

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