Manufacturing Voice Magazine

Welcome to the BC Alliance for Manufacturing’s magazine ‘Manufacturing Voice.’

The name selected for this publication, Manufacturing Voice, reinforces that if stakeholders collaborate they can create a coordinated common and loud voice that cannot be ignored. Politicians need to hear that manufacturing, and its economic contribution, matters. Job seekers need to see availability of well-paid rewarding careers. The public needs to hear your stories, so they recognize the incredible impact BC’s manufacturers have on their daily lives.

The first issue is just one part of a broader campaign to showcase the industry. Not only do we hope you enjoy the publication, but that it acts as a tool to help create more ambassadors for the manufacturing industry.

We look forward to working with all stakeholders to manufacture BC’s future together.

Fall 2018 - Issue #2

In this issue: 

• Three Manufacturing Myths
 and What They Mean for Metro Vancouver
• Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (MCOE)
• BC Craft Brewing Month.
 Travelling the BC Ale Trail
• True Calling:
 Mark Arnott Builds Submarines
• Cannabis Legalization.
 Keep Your Business From Going Up in
Smoke after October 17th, 2018

Spring 2018 - Issue #1

In this issue: 

• Industry Ready.
 Training for Entry Level Employment

• Training Supports Growth in Manufacturing 

• Impact on BC Wine Sold in
Grocery Stores