The BC Apparel and Gear Association was approached by Vancouver Coastal Health to get ahead of the increased demand for gowns for health care workers. This is a great opportunity for us to come together as a local BC industry and provide our community a valuable service.

The BC Apparel and Gear Association is working with government to provide a picture of local supply solutions to the potential gown shortage. In light of the outbreak of Covid19, and in an attempt to be proactive, they wish to secure a reliable LOCAL source for gowns to protect healthcare workers, should the need increase.

While this is all very preliminary, the first step is to understand the local industry’s capabilities and available material stock.

Update: The original sign-up deadline has sinced passed, but if you are still interested in helping in any way, please kindly fill out the form on BC Alliance for Manufacturing’s Responding to Covid-19 page.

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By Comments off 2020 March 23