Richmond, BC – The BC Alliance for Manufacturing is pleased to welcome five new member associations.

Meat production is the largest component of BC’s food processing sector, now the largest component of manufacturing in our province. The BC Association of Abattoirs (BCAA) has recently joined the Alliance and is represented by Nova Woodbury, Executive Director. The BCAA was founded in 2009 to address the specific needs of BC’s meat producers to promote and ensure sustainable, safe meats. Formed by the licensed meat industry, the BCAA collectively addresses the many challenges and builds on the opportunities facing the provincially licensed A/B plants, and the federally registered BC meat plants that produce meat and poultry products for commercial markets. Beverages are the second largest component of the food processing sector in BC.

The BC Wine Institute (BCWI) has also joined the Alliance.  Representing all wineries in British Columbia, the BCWI vision is straightforward and clear: British Columbia is recognized as one of the world’s premium wine regions. The BCWI mission is to champion the interests of the British Columbia Wine Industry, through marketing, communications and advocacy of its products and experiences to all stakeholders through core values that are reflected in all the work they do: quality, leadership, dedication, and passion. BCWI is represented on our Advisory Board by Miles Prodan, President & CEO.

The BC Craft Brewers Guild, represented on the advisory board by Ken Beattie, Executive Director, has a membership of over 100 independently owned and operated craft brewers. The Guild’s breweries are in over 40 communities in BC. As Ken says, “Some are small and others are smaller, but they all brew flavourful local beer with passion and dedication.” The mission of the Guild is to support the ongoing creation and discovery of truly great BC Craft Beer.

We are also pleased to welcome the BC Craft Distilling Association which represents independent registered craft distilleries in British Columbia. Executive Director, Charles Tremewen is also an owner (Long Table Distillery). This group of craft distillers supports the production of both handcrafted and artisan spirits from distilleries producing less than 100,000 liters of absolute alcohol per year.

Our most recent member is the Fenestration Association of BC. Executive Director, Zana Gordon, leads the organization to represent the interests of businesses engaged in the fenestration industry in BC. Formed by the merger of the Glazing Contractors Association of BC (GCABC) and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association of BC (WDMA-BC), FEN-BC represents all parties engaged in the commercial and residential sectors of the fenestration industry.

For further information please contact:

Marcus Ewert-Johns
President & CEO
T: +1 (604) 900-1980 x110


About the BCAFM:

The BC Alliance for Manufacturing is a coalition of 18 like-minded manufacturing industry associations with a common vision to promote a world-class manufacturing sector in British Columbia. The Alliance speaks with one voice on priority issues to advance and defend the interests of manufacturers to ensure that all British Columbians continue to benefit from the economic growth, high-value outputs and high-paying jobs found across all types of manufacturing in the province.

In British Columbia manufacturing is the fourth largest component of provincial GDP contributing 7.2% of the provincial economy and 30% of the business tax revenue paid to government. Manufacturing is the third largest employer in BC with more than 12,000 companies employing almost 400,000 jobs directly and indirectly. Value-added manufacturing represents almost 65% of BC’s exports.

Manufacturing matters!

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