March 1, 2018

The BC Alliance for Manufacturing is pleased to welcome two new member associations.

BC Apparel Association

BC Apparel was founded in 2016 to represent companies and organizations in BC’s apparel, footwear, textile, gear and accessories industries. This group includes vertically-integrated retailers, suppliers, designers, manufacturers and educators. Apparel is one of the largest goods industries in BC with more than $4.0 billion in shipments. The association is helping coordinate establishing Greater Vancouver as a global centre of excellence for apparel design and innovation.

Small Scale Food Processor Association (SSFPA)

The Small Scale Food Processor Association is a vibrant and growing organization comprising small and medium enterprises in the food processing industry by providing leadership, education, marketing, networking and advocacy to foster success in a competitive global market. There are two categories of membership in the SSFPA: Food Processors with fewer than 25 full time employees; and Supporter Members consisting of groups or individuals including: growers, large processors as mentors, linked associations, technical service providers, educational planners, and economic development groups.


For further information please contact:

Marcus Ewert-Johns
President & CEO
T: +1 (604) 900-1980 x110



About the BCAFM:

The BC Alliance for Manufacturing is a coalition of 18 like-minded manufacturing industry associations with a common vision to promote a world-class manufacturing sector in British Columbia. The Alliance speaks with one voice on priority issues to advance and defend the interests of manufacturers to ensure that all British Columbians continue to benefit from the economic growth, high-value outputs and high-paying jobs found across all types of manufacturing in the province.

In British Columbia manufacturing is the fourth largest component of provincial GDP contributing 7.2% of the provincial economy and 30% of the business tax revenue paid to government. Manufacturing is the third largest employer in BC with more than 12,000 companies employing almost 400,000 jobs directly and indirectly. Value-added manufacturing represents almost 65% of BC’s exports.

Manufacturing matters!

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