Langley, BC – The BC Alliance for Manufacturing welcomes new member, the SkillSource BC organization.

SkillSource BC is a non-profit, group training organization with a mandate to increase access to trades training and work experience for apprentices.

“The manufacturing community is facing at minimum 57,000 job vacancies by 2024 and SkillSource is able to help bring skilled apprentices to employers to support high-demand skills,” said Doug MacLaren, CEO of SkillSource BC. “Not only do we help manufacturers fill critical skills gaps, but we also help apprentices gain new skills and experiences.”

SkillSource BC is committed to building a qualified trades’ workforce for small, medium and large businesses in British Columbia by utilizing alternative approaches to apprenticeship. The organization sponsors and matches apprentices with specific employers to learn the full scope of a trade and build industry-leading skills while filling an employer’s vacant positions, creating a lasting contribution to British Columbia’s skill base.

“As government is exploring critical workforce challenges and pursuing changes to the skills training system the Alliance will benefit strongly from the insight SkillSource can bring to our strategic discussions,” commented Marcus Ewert-Johns, Alliance Chair.

“The current apprenticeship system is out-dated and needs reform. Skilled tradespeople and apprentices form the bedrock of manufacturing talent. Government and industry need to embrace new ways to bring more skills into the workforce more quickly”, added Ewert-Johns.

Skilled trades people have great career paths across dozens of technical domains, earning 22% above average, and enjoy amazing quality of life in jobs that allow creativity and continuous learning.

“Youth need to be encouraged by parents and educators to take advantage of these great opportunities”, stated MacLaren.

Manufacturing matters. It is a significant contributor to BC’s economy providing greater economic volume than industries such as forestry, mining, film, digital media and tourism. Manufacturing, with more than 12,000 companies, is BC’s third largest source of employment, directly providing more than 180,000 jobs and indirectly supporting 200,000 more jobs. Last year, manufacturing was the fourth largest contributor to provincial GDP (7.2%). Manufacturing contributes more than 42% of private sector research and development expenditure and represents more than 30% of business taxes paid to the provincial government. Value-added manufactured goods comprise more than 62% of the province’s exports, and not natural resource commodities, as commonly believed.

For further information please contact:

Marcus Ewert-Johns
President & CEO
T: +1 (604) 900-1980 x110


About the BCAFM:

The BC Alliance for Manufacturing is a coalition of 18 like-minded manufacturing industry associations with a common vision to promote a world-class manufacturing sector in British Columbia. The Alliance speaks with one voice on priority issues to advance and defend the interests of manufacturers to ensure that all British Columbians continue to benefit from the economic growth, high-value outputs and high-paying jobs found across all types of manufacturing in the province.

In British Columbia manufacturing is the fourth largest component of provincial GDP contributing 7.2% of the provincial economy and 30% of the business tax revenue paid to government. Manufacturing is the third largest employer in BC with more than 12,000 companies employing almost 400,000 jobs directly and indirectly. Value-added manufacturing represents almost 65% of BC’s exports.

Manufacturing matters!

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