The BC Alliance for Manufacturing has formally announced their support for the Canadian pilot of a National Industrial Symbiosis Program (NISP).  This support is the result of a recognition that overlap exists between the parties’ respective efforts related to Industrial Symbiosis and on supporting and growing BC’s manufacturing sector. By formalizing a partnership agreement, the parties will be able to more fully co-operate in achieving progress on developing a prosperous manufacturing sector in the province, and on moving towards a more sustainable, “circular” economy in BC.

“We are very pleased to be able to partner with the BC Alliance for Manufacturing as the BCAM is directly linked to 20 different industry groups, the members of which can be expected to benefit from participating in the NISP pilot.  We look forward to having members from these industry groups – which include brewers, steel fabricators, plastics manufacturers, apparel makers, etc. – attend future Metro Vancouver area NISP workshops to learn how their waste and resource management challenges can be turned into new business opportunities.”

– Timo Makinen, Lead Practitioner & Acting Director

Canadian National Industrial Symbiosis Program Pilot, Light House Sustainable Building Centre

 “The BC Alliance for Manufacturing is glad to support the Canadian National Industrial Symbiosis Program. Our mutual goals are to strengthen manufacturing competitiveness by finding operational efficiencies and reducing wasted production capacity and materials. The partnership also helps accelerate adoption of Manufacturing 4.0 concepts such as DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly). We are further excited that this initiative supports broader societal goals of reinforcing the green economy”

– Marcus Ewert-Johns

President & CEO

BC Alliance for Manufacturing

For further information please contact:

Marcus Ewert-Johns
President & CEO
T: +1 (604) 900-1980 x110


About the BCAFM:

The BC Alliance for Manufacturing is a coalition of 18 like-minded manufacturing industry associations with a common vision to promote a world-class manufacturing sector in British Columbia. The Alliance speaks with one voice on priority issues to advance and defend the interests of manufacturers to ensure that all British Columbians continue to benefit from the economic growth, high-value outputs and high-paying jobs found across all types of manufacturing in the province.

In British Columbia manufacturing is the fourth largest component of provincial GDP contributing 7.2% of the provincial economy and 30% of the business tax revenue paid to government. Manufacturing is the third largest employer in BC with more than 12,000 companies employing almost 400,000 jobs directly and indirectly. Value-added manufacturing represents almost 65% of BC’s exports.

Manufacturing matters!

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