Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety

Earn your Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety certificate upon successful completion of this course


  • : 1 Hour 30 Minute
  • : 80 / 0
  • : English
  • : Yes
  • : Yes
  • Fire Prevention

Course overview


Fires destroy property, cause injuries, and take lives. One of the key strategies to maintaining a safe workplace and preventing fires is fire safety training. With proper training workers can eliminate fire hazards and respond quickly and efficiently if a fire breaks out. Without proper training a small occurrence can quickly grow to become a major incident with devastating outcomes. The purpose of this course is to teach workers the knowledge and skills required to fight a small fire, including the proper use of fire extinguishers.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Fire types, classifications, and behaviours
  • Types of fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents, and extinguisher classifications
  • Procedures for operating a fire extinguisher
  • Techniques for extinguishing a small fire


Module 1: How fires burn

This module explains how fires burn, and describes the elements of the fire triangle and the fire tetrahedron. By removing any one of the fire elements, the fire will be extinguished.

Module 2: Physical states of fuel

Knowledge of the physical state in which a fuel will burn is important for fire prevention. This module describes the three physical states of fuel (i.e. solid, liquids, or gases), and the energy required for ignition. It also covers fuel cautions and explosive limits.

Module 3: Types of heat

Understanding the effect heat has on a fire is key to fire prevention. This module describes combustion stages and sources of heat, and provides definitions for flash point, fire point, and auto ignition.

Module 4: The role of oxygen in fires

This module explains oxygen?s role in fires and lists the different sources of oxygen.

Module 5: Fire classifications

There are four different classifications of fires ? class A, B, C, and D. This module defines each of the fire types, shows the symbols used to identify each type, and explains how each type of fire is best extinguished.

Module 6: Fire extinguisher ratings & classifications

This module explains how fire extinguishers are rated and classified. It?s important to know this information as different types of extinguishers are used to put out different types of fires. The material also explains fire extinguisher basics, including the steps to take before using an extinguisher.

Module 7: Fire extinguishing agents

There are four main extinguishing agents used to put out different types of fires. Knowledge about these different agents and their properties help determine which type of fire extinguisher should be used with different fires.