Ground Disturbance Awareness Online

General knowledge of ground disturbance for employees


  • : 2 Hour 30 Minute
  • : 80 / 0
  • : English
  • : Yes
  • : Yes
  • Awareness and Policy

Course overview
GROUND DISTURBANCE AWARENESS ONLINE COURSE OVERVIEWThis Ground Disturbance Awareness course is designed for employees who are or will be required to understand and implement any kind of ground disturbance. Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Identify and define ground disturbance
  • Define common ground disturbance terms
  • Explain the importance of ground disturbance legislation and regulations
  • Describe the responsibilities of parties involved in ground disturbance
  • Recognize when permits and agreements will be required
  • Describe how to locate and identify underground facilities
  • Identify common causes and consequences of underground facility contact
  • Describe safety requirements to prevent and prepare for contact
Module 1 ? Definitions
  • Defining ground disturbance
  • Common words and terms related to ground disturbance
Module 2 ? Regulations and Responsibilities
  • Regulations that apply to ground disturbance
  • Penalties for contravention of regulations
  • Responsibilities of each party involved in a ground disturbance
Module 3 ? Approvals, Permits, and Agreements
  • Types of ground disturbance permits
  • Commonly used ground disturbance agreements
  • Circumstances that may impact the ground disturbance permits and agreements required
Module 4 ? Stages of Ground Disturbance
  • Techniques for locating existing underground facilities
  • Procedures for marking underground facilities
  • Exposure processes for underground facilities
  • Backfill responsibilities
Module 5 ? Underground Facility Contact
  • Common causes and potential consequences of underground facility contact
  • Strategies for contact prevention and preparation
  • What constitutes contact with an underground facility and the procedures to follow if contact is made
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