Traffic Control Persons For Construction

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Course overview


The Occupational Health and Safety Act specifies that any worker directing traffic on a construction site must be given written and verbal instructions describing how to do their job. This instruction has to include a description of the signals to be used when directing traffic.The Traffic Control Persons for Construction course is an informative program designed meet the legislated requirement and to teach workers how to safely direct traffic. The course covers the techniques, equipment, and legal requirements for traffic control persons in a construction environment. It explains the importance of wearing the proper protective equipment, how to effectively control traffic in a variety of construction scenarios, and lays out general safety and legal requirements.As a traffic control person, you?re responsible for safely managing the flow of traffic through and around a construction site. You must understand the regulations regarding your work and your duties. You must also understand the type of work being completed, the type of equipment being used on the construction site, and how the equipment is being used and where it?s travelling.
Chapter 1: Traffic Control 
In the Traffic Control chapter, you?ll learn about the various measures for effective traffic control. One of the measures is you ? the traffic control person.

Chapter 2: Legal Requirements This chapter includes specific information about Ontario?s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 213/19 and covers:
  • The type of projects to which the legislation applies
  • The type of sign to be used by a worker
  • How to safely direct vehicular traffic
  • The minimum job requirements
  • The garments the worker should wear
  • The duties of a supervisor
  • The duties of a worker

Chapter 3: Equipment In the Equipment chapter, you will learn about the specific equipment you are required to use and wear in daytime and nighttime.

Chapter 4: Traffic Control Person This chapter describes the characteristics of a good traffic control person. It also addresses job preparation. As no two jobs are the same, a traffic control person needs to know the hazards on the job, what type of construction is being done, and how the work is being completed. The chapter also addresses daily inspections.

Chapter 5: Placement Where a traffic control person stands is vital to the safety of the work and the public. The chapter on Placement details where a worker should be placed on the construction site. The chapter also addresses visibility, hills and curves, and weather conditions. An important topic covered in this chapter is signals, a key requirement of safety legislation.

Chapter 6: Job Safety Finally, the chapter on Job Safety covers the traffic control person?s authority, the Code of Conduct, what to do if a driver refuses to obey instructions, and key safety messages.